Babyclon AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Hello everyone! After a long time we update our blog again with something that we have been working on for a long time and that we are very excited to be able to present.

THE NEW BABYCLON® MODELS AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

As you know, at Babyclon® we like to innovate and take a step further in our work, and without a doubt, this project is the most important we have done to date.

It’s been almost a year since Cristina came up with the idea that the Babyclons® could interact more with the person who takes care of her, and we have succeeded!

It is a process, which, with the illusion, we thought would be faster, but we have realized, that it is better to go slower, but get a perfect definitive product.

And for that reason, we have already started with the countdown of the long-awaited day. The presentation of the new Babyclon® models AI!!

The official presentation can already say that it will be on January 18, 2022, so today, November 12, 2021, there are 68 days left for this long-awaited date.

The question we all ask ourselves is, what will these babies be able to do unlike a normal Babyclon®?

Well, the truth is that it will change the way you interact with a silicone baby. Since the new Babyclon® AI are going to ask for a lot of attention and you will have to learn to take care of it as if it were a real baby.

Unlike our animatronic model, which has a very sophisticated mechanism and allows the baby to suck a pacifier, artificial intelligence seeks to recreate the behavior of a real baby.

With the technology of Babyclon AI we have achieved that the silicone baby has the same needs of a newborn, such as crying for hunger, for sleep, for being in a position that is not comfortable or because he needs to be in the arms of his caregiver, for example.

As a caregiver you must learn to detect what their needs are when they cry, in the same way that new parents would, using logic, learning to distinguish the type of crying and asking the Babyclon® team for advice, if you need it!

In addition, to achieve even more the expected realism, you can choose a bra with a breast prosthesis, which will perfectly achieve the effect that you are breastfeeding yourself.

Babyclon® AI comes with a necklace and a teddy to identify when you are near it. It can detect your presence as a caregiver and ask when you need to be in your arms. Now it’s not just the realism of our sculptures, but all you can do and learn from it.

At the moment there will be 3 different models, a premature, a newborn and one of 3 months of age, but do not worry, because it is designed to make all the models already available in the Babyclon® catalog applying this impressive technology.

And you, do you want to see the final result and be able to acquire these works of art?

Stay tuned for the release date! Mark January 18th in your 2022 calendar!!

See you on the next blog!

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