Babyclon® has been a pioneering brand since its inception thanks to our advanced creation system. Unlike most manufacturers of silicone babies, our babies are created from moulds made up of several pieces of carbon fibre and aluminium, which when joined together form an unbreakable mould with almost imperceptible expansion joints.

Babyclon® moulds are able to withstand more than 100 copies without imperfections.

The great hallmark of Babyclon® is the realism of the skin thanks to our team’s expertise in eliminating those fine mould lines.

Our babies are made with the most prestigious and recognised silicone on the market by specialists, as it is the surgical silicone that most closely resembles human tissue in terms of hardness, weight and elasticity.

Our painting system has been revolutionary and characteristic for having a long-lasting finish without problems of peeling, fading or cracking.

Our working system comes from the long experience we have in special effects for cinema, renowned for its advances in both materials and technology.

That is why Babyclon® has managed to create the most successful silicone babies in history: the Avatar baby and the Animatronic baby, which is designed with a technology of micro servos and internal programmed chips typical of the standard animatronics of today’s movies.

Babyclon® is also characterised and has won over its public and customers by its ability to offer appropriate solutions to each of them.

It must be said that Babyclon® has the best professionals in each of its departments, including customer service, where we have two professionals who guarantee the correct management and the closest possible relationship with the customer.

Babyclon® has a constant commitment and will continue to do so, as it is our main motto, to be the leader in innovation, research and the search for new techniques and materials.

Furthermore, our Milan model is the first to be launched on the market designed using 3D technology.