The headquarters of Clonfactory, S.L.U. and the main headquarters of Babyclon is located in Deltebre (Catalonia). Our facilities are equipped with all the rooms, machinery and tools necessary to carry out all the most advanced processes and techniques, from design or sculpture to the final details (ocular or dental prostheses).

We also carry out the final touches of quality control for each of the Babyclon® sculptures, as well as other types of hyper-realistic and creative work carried out by the company.

All our facilities have the appropriate rooms for each type of process.

Offices, design areas and library: where we have the most advanced equipment for the design of our models.

Sculpture area: with the tools, clays and everything necessary to make sculptures with high quality finishes.

Mould and injection room: it is highly prepared with the machinery and tools necessary to make moulds and casts (injection of silicone into moulds) without imperfections.

Mechanical and prosthetic area: this is the area where ocular and dental prostheses are made, as well as all the animatronics processes (robotic silicone babies).

Joint area: this is where the mould joints of all Babyclon® sculptures or silicone parts are removed. The furniture in this area is specially designed for the correct performance of this type of task.

-Painting room: is an isolated room equipped with powerful extractors and special daylight for the correct performance of the work.

-Finishing, hair implant and sewing area: a multi-purpose area within the facilities where we can carry out any type of finishing work, from hair implants, nail manufacturing, special hairpieces and prosthetic and cinema costumes.

There is also an area with a bathtub to wash the babies and condition them correctly at the end of the process. This area is also used for the application of prostheses when the company carries out projects for the cinema (prostheses on actors).

Photography area: equipped with the correct lighting and the necessary props (backdrops, spotlights, etc.) for taking photos of the articles we manufacture every day.

Packaging and shipment preparation area: Area prepared for the shipment of all our silicone babies, with all the necessary details and accessories that are attached to them when they are packaged and leave our facilities.

This is also the area where we have the stock for the sale of Babyclon products, such as solvents, paints, etc.

-We also have common areas: exhibition area, warehouse, toilets, “launch” area, etc.