It is the world’s best-selling brand of hyper-realistic silicone babies.
Babyclon® is backed by the company Clonfactory, S.L.U., a special effects and reproduction of human replicas for the cinema, which has worked on dozens of films.

Directed by Cristina Iglesias, a sculptor with more than a decade of experience in silicone hyperrealism.

Babyclon is known for being a pioneering brand in innovation, in the creation of new mould systems that are more durable and have fewer defects.

All Babyclon® dolls are made from a single piece and without visible joints, from the best surgical silicone on the market, much more resistant.
They have a mouth cavity and tongue to insert a dummy or bottle.


We are the only brand in the world with registered and/or patented functional systems (Drink&Wet® system for drinking and peeing, definitive hair
patented, …).

Babyclon® are considered pieces of art. This is why no two models are the same, neither in terms of colour nor in terms of features.

Babyclon® is today renowned for the creation of avatar babies and animatronic babies (robotic babies with movement). In fact, it is the only brand in the world legally authorised to create these models.

Today, Babyclon® is the first brand to create its sculptures with 3D technology, and we continue to work to be the pioneers in using the most advanced techniques and the most up-to-date ideas.