Babyclon® sales policy

Babyclon® are silicone sculptures considered works of art 100% hand made.

We do not recommend the use of our sculptures as toys, since their body and structure may suffer damage.

We are aware of damage caused by a misuse and in no case, we are responsible for it. However, we can always offer a solution to repair it after issuing a quotation instead.

We assume that customers are aware and understand that silicone does not have a completely smooth surface, as the industrially produced plastic dolls have. Small imperfections are part of the complicated production process.

The customer shall accept these irregularities in the piece as a standard result, as long as they are of a small size (1 or 2 mm) and do not affect the quality of the sculpture.

Babyclon® Refund Policy

First payment fee of 20% of the total amount (the reservation of the unit once it has been scheduled and confirmed for production) will NOT be refundable in any case.

Second payment fee of 20% of the total amount (materials and worker’s hours) will NOT be refundable in any case if production has already been started and confirmed.

Once one of our Babyclon® creatures has been finished and delivered and it is in good condition, refunds will NOT be accepted even if the customer changes his or her mind about the creature.

Our Babyclon® creatures have two weeks of warranty in case there might be some imperfection.

During this two-week time, Babyclon® promises to repair anything that might be defective. Please note that this DOES NOT include the hair.

After this two-week period of time, Babyclon® will NOT be responsible in any case of the damages or uses our creations might have suffered.

If during this two-week warranty period, one of our creations is defective due to our manufacturing process, Babyclon® will repair at no cost the creation but in NO case the creation will be exchanged for a new one.

If on the contrary the customer wants a total refund, Babyclon will refund all the money except the 40% paid in advance.