Hello Babyclon® Family! Today we return with a Blog that we would not like to do, but we see ourselves with the obligation to write again about this. Some time ago we dedicated a blog about scams on the internet due to the avalanche of false profiles that were posing as our director Cristina Iglesias.

You can see the blog here

But now they go a step further and are plagiarizing our website, with reduced prices, saying that they are a headquarters in other different countries, especially in the United States.

We know that all collectors, you put a lot of effort into being able to get a Babyclon®, it is an incredible moment when you place an order and that it also involves an economic effort, so that someone outside takes advantage of it.

We repeat again: Babyclon®, UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVELY, is located in Spain. We have NO headquarters in any other country, because the manufacturing process of a Babyclon® is very expensive and all processes are supervised by Cristina.

Our email is Our website is and and we do NOT have any email or any other website. Babyclon® is located in the town of Deltebre, Spain. And we have no headquarters anywhere else.

Our office phone number in the US is +1 (415) 483 5471. Any different number, email or website does not belong to Babyclon®.

Here are 4 examples of some websites that have no relationship with Babyclon® and that we have found. It is possible that there may be more, or that new ones may be created in the future.

In addition to the plagiarism of the website, they also plagiarize our social networks. Our official social networks are these:





These are the only ones we have, any website or profile other than these, are scams and you should not buy there. (You can access them through the image of each logo)

Sometimes, scammers enter our profiles and respond to people who have commented on a post, asking them to write to some email to provide information. .

We always denounce these pages, but neither Facebook nor Instagram pay attention to us, but I encourage everyone to report the pages that are not official, to see if we can eliminate all these fraudulent profiles that are still active.

There are also reborn sales pages, which have many models of different artists, and many times photos of Babyclon® appear, especially of the Galaxy model, at very reduced prices, such as this page (it is one of dozens that there are online)


I know that you are always looking to find the best price, but the manufacture of a hyperrealistic silicone sculpture is very expensive to make and you will never find anything for these prices, so, if you do not want to be scammed, do not buy on these websites either.

OUR RECOMMENDATION is that you always contact us through our official channels and do not trust pages that want to sell you a silicone sculpture at joke prices, because the only thing you will receive is a displeasure to see that nothing ever comes to you or that you get something totally different from what was expected.

If you are not sure if they really want to scam you, we are at your disposal to help you and see if the site is a scam. And if you can report all these profiles, together, we can make this community safer and prevent these people from not being able to take advantage of anyone else.

I hope this Blog can help you and any questions, you know that you can write us in any official profile, on our website, and our email

See you in the following Blog! Greetings.

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